Wednesday, May 03, 2006

An update

Things sure have changed since the last time I posted. Yes, I had the baby- a girl, Grace Elizabeth, on March 23 at 4:56 pm. She was 7 lbs., 15 oz. I was induced at almost 39 weeks because I had mild hypertension. The birth went well, no complications. My epidural wore off so there were a couple of hours that were not too fun, and the pushing was, without a doubt, the most physically challenging thing I have ever done. I am the type of person who gives up and sits down when a workout gets hard- but in this case there was no giving up. I pushed for an hour and a half which I guess is not too bad.

So when it was all over I had my baby. And a coke. Because man, was I thirsty. I felt like I had walked through the desert, my mouth was so dry- I was actually thinking (no, fantasizing) about a huge soda with ice while I was pushing.
She will be six weeks old tomorrow, and it has been a whirlwind. She is adorable and hard to resist even though she cries EVERY TIME I put her down.

In 6 weeks I have-
- stopped breast feeding (not working out)
-tried 2 different formulas
- called the Dr. quite a few times (at any hour of day, night and ridiculously early in the morning) to ask various questions
- MAYBE had 5 full hours of sleep since the night I went into the hospital
- tried to figure out how to get her and myself ready to leave the house in less time than 2 hours (still working on it)
- tried to master the art of grocery/Target/Costco shopping with car seat thingy
in cart
- wondered countless times how people do this with more than one child
- watched my house be taken over by baby equipment to the point it looks like mini babies-r-us in my living room
- realized I do not miss my job AT ALL
- been very thankful I have been given the opportunity to do all of the above

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Two months

That is how much time has gone by since my last post. Do not know why I am so bad about keeping up with this, because I enjoy reading everyone's posts and seeing what is going on with everyone else.

I will be 36 weeks on Saturday. I really still feel like the whole idea of being pregnant is still sinking in, even with an aching back, sore knees and a foot kicking me in the ribs. My "official" last day of work is Friday, March 24th if I make it that far, and I think I will really be ready when that time comes. Being a nurse I spend most of the day on my feet and it has gotten a bit tough to lug the extra weight around. My level of patience is at lowest possible capacity and I find myself having to take a deep breath when I really want to go off on someone. Then I usually end up coming home and taking out my frustrations on my poor (understanding) husband.

I have pretty much had an uneventful pregnancy and I am grateful for that. One trip to triage at about 27 weeks for contractions but they chalked it up to dehydration and sent me home to rest for a day. I have not really had a contraction since and I am kind of wondering if I should be feeling them more now.

I made it through most months without any major cravings and within the past couple of weeks I am all about anything COLD, FRUITY and SWEET. Juice, popsicles, water ice (and ice cream and anything chocolate can be substituted). Tums are my new food group, and I think I like eating them a little more than I should. Oh well, at least the baby is getting her calcium requirement.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year

Once again it has been a very long time since my last post. December was crazy with the holidays but a nice way to break up the everyday routine. All seems to be going well (knock on wood) as I get ready to reach the 28 week mark. I just cut my work hours from 4 ten hour days to 5 eight hour days which is making life a little easier. I miss having a day off during the week but getting finished earlier in the afternoon makes it worth it. I do not know if I have talked about it before but I am an operating room nurse so I spend most of my time at work on my feet so the long days were starting to feel a little too long.

We are trying to do more to prepare now that the holidays are over- getting the room ready, etc. My Dad is scheduled to have heart surgery in a couple of weeks and I am very worried about him but I hope all goes well and that he is well into his recovery by the time the baby arrives.

Hope the new year is treating all of you well so far!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Checking in

Well, over a month has gone by since my last post. The days go by way too fast. It is almost 3 am at the moment and I am out of bed with some had-to-have-Mexican-food-for-dinner-now-have-major-indigestion insomnia. Just a quick run down of anything that may have happened since my last post:

1. We went to Florida for our last little vacation "alone". It was fun and HOT.

2. We had new windows installed in our house. Expensive but worth it, windows start to look a bit crappy when the house is over 60 years old.

3. We had our Halloween party which was a success- I did a "best costume" contest for a small prize and people seemed to like it- I will do that again next year. We were Kevin and Britney. I think I looked lame but my husband looked funny.

4. I have been feeling great with the exception of some lower back pain.

5. I am not usually too tired during the day but it is not unusual for me to go to bed at 7:30.

6. I have spent quite a bit of $$ on maternity clothes b/c I hate feeling like I have nothing to wear.

7. I turned 30.

8. We found out the baby is a girl.

9. #8 totally makes the lower back pain worth it.

10. Today I am 20 weeks and everyday that passes just makes me so grateful.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just an update

I cannot believe it has been almost a month since my last post. I did not really mean for it to be so long it just kind of happened. In the beginning of the month I was definitely having some rough days, feeling very sick. I know that I was miserable but now that it has pretty much passed I have kind of forgotten about it. I had my last ultrasound at my RE's office a couple of weeks ago and everything looked ok. I could not believe what a huge change it was from the first ultrasound (when there 2 sacs) to see fingers, toes and movement.

Otherwise I am glad it is fall- one month until Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays. Years ago, before I even started dating my husband and lived with roommates, we had a Halloween Party for everyone to come to before going to this big bar crawl in our town. My husband showed up with some friends (dressed as a priest) and soon after that we started dating. Through the years I continued having the party and have accumulated tons of Halloween decorations and it has become kind of a tradition- I feel obligated to have it. Plus, I do not know what I would do with all of my Halloween stuff if I didn't! My birthday is also less than a week after Halloween so growing up I had a lot of costume birthday parties -so how can I break the tradition now?

This year is a big birthday for me (30). I am kind of dreading leaving my 20's and I am not really sure why. I guess b/c there is all this hype with the "milestone" birthdays. I guess I should just be grateful that it will probably not turn out like my 21st birthday, with me puking in a parking lot at some bar on campus and feeling like death for 2 days after. I think it is safe to say this year will be a little more low key.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I have been off work for almost a week now. Being away from work has been great, but I have not been able to do very much because the nausea really picked up for a few days. I changed my vitamins and that has helped a bit. My Dr. told me I could take 2 flintstones vitamins and I feel like a kid- I actually like taking them! They are like fruity candy- it is hard to stop at just 2. Wow, I am becoming pretty pathetic.
I had a scan yesterday and all went well. It was a huge relief. The cord "cyst" seems to have disappeared, but someone different did the scan and did not even mention it so I asked her- she said she did not see anything and wondered if it was ever there. Nice. I will have 2 more appointments at that office and than my regular ob/gyn will take over. I do not know what I will do without my weekly scans- I will not have my pictures to line up on the fridge anymore. It is pretty neat to watch the progress each week. But it will make life a little easier to not have to keep going back to the office.
I have spent a lot of time over the past few days watching TV because I have not felt like going out too much. I feel very lazy but I guess the rest has been good. Watching a lot about the hurricane victims and the whole thing is just so sad. It is really heartbreaking. I hope people are able to get more help soon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I don't want to work

I do not know what is wrong with me lately, but work is really driving me up a wall. I have vacation next week and do not go back until after Labor Day, and I swear it cannot come fast enough. I just need to be away from there for an extended period of time- I guess that is how you know it is time for vacation.

My appointment was moved to next Wednesday so hopefully by next week I will know more about what is going on with the cyst- I am very nervous but trying to remain calm. Otherwise feeling so/so, it all depends on the time of day. I think I have sundowner's morning sickness b/c it really only shows up in the evening. My husband has the patience of a saint to deal with my weird dinner requests and the fact that I can ask for food and suddenly be completely disgusted by it. Despite my inability to eat a whole lot in the evening I swear my clothes are starting to feel tight across my hips. I tried on a pair of the new "curvy" cut jeans in the Gap in my size and lets just say it was scary. Something about me- I do not have a whole lot going on up top (and I do not think they have grown an inch, by the way) but when it comes to the bottom I am definitely "curvy". I guess I should be very glad that butts are in style.