Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just an update

I cannot believe it has been almost a month since my last post. I did not really mean for it to be so long it just kind of happened. In the beginning of the month I was definitely having some rough days, feeling very sick. I know that I was miserable but now that it has pretty much passed I have kind of forgotten about it. I had my last ultrasound at my RE's office a couple of weeks ago and everything looked ok. I could not believe what a huge change it was from the first ultrasound (when there 2 sacs) to see fingers, toes and movement.

Otherwise I am glad it is fall- one month until Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays. Years ago, before I even started dating my husband and lived with roommates, we had a Halloween Party for everyone to come to before going to this big bar crawl in our town. My husband showed up with some friends (dressed as a priest) and soon after that we started dating. Through the years I continued having the party and have accumulated tons of Halloween decorations and it has become kind of a tradition- I feel obligated to have it. Plus, I do not know what I would do with all of my Halloween stuff if I didn't! My birthday is also less than a week after Halloween so growing up I had a lot of costume birthday parties -so how can I break the tradition now?

This year is a big birthday for me (30). I am kind of dreading leaving my 20's and I am not really sure why. I guess b/c there is all this hype with the "milestone" birthdays. I guess I should just be grateful that it will probably not turn out like my 21st birthday, with me puking in a parking lot at some bar on campus and feeling like death for 2 days after. I think it is safe to say this year will be a little more low key.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I have been off work for almost a week now. Being away from work has been great, but I have not been able to do very much because the nausea really picked up for a few days. I changed my vitamins and that has helped a bit. My Dr. told me I could take 2 flintstones vitamins and I feel like a kid- I actually like taking them! They are like fruity candy- it is hard to stop at just 2. Wow, I am becoming pretty pathetic.
I had a scan yesterday and all went well. It was a huge relief. The cord "cyst" seems to have disappeared, but someone different did the scan and did not even mention it so I asked her- she said she did not see anything and wondered if it was ever there. Nice. I will have 2 more appointments at that office and than my regular ob/gyn will take over. I do not know what I will do without my weekly scans- I will not have my pictures to line up on the fridge anymore. It is pretty neat to watch the progress each week. But it will make life a little easier to not have to keep going back to the office.
I have spent a lot of time over the past few days watching TV because I have not felt like going out too much. I feel very lazy but I guess the rest has been good. Watching a lot about the hurricane victims and the whole thing is just so sad. It is really heartbreaking. I hope people are able to get more help soon.